Friday, March 22, 2013

No-Sense-of-Humour Developer Has No Sense of Humour

The Herald has the story of a female technology developer who was fired after tweeting about a group of men she claimed were making sexual comments at a Silicon Valley technology conference.

There is nothing sexist about a man making a penis joke to another man. "Dongle" is a hilarious word, and just because Adria Richards doesn't agree, doesn't mean she has the right to play the sexism card. If her sense of humour differs from that of her fellow PyCon attendees, she could fix that problem by, I dunno, not eavesdropping on their conversations?


Richards is doing everyone a disservice with this sort of carryon. There's enough legitimate battles she could be fighting as a woman in tech - she should naff off and devote her energies to one of them.

Hypersensitivity never did the feminist movement any favours.

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